Business Outline

Global network

Japan produces about 35% of the world’s iodine and Ise Chemicals is one of the top iodine producers in Japan.
We supply iodine to some 20 countries around the world and produce roughly 15% of the world’s total output.
Domestically, we supply about 40% of Japan’s total output. To meet orders from around the globe, we established a subsidiary, WOODWARD IODINE CORPORATION (WIC), in the state of Oklahoma in the United States. We provide cutting-edge technology to WIC and collaborate with them on producing iodine and natural gas in the United States.
Our ability to export our products from two production centers in Japan and the United States is one of our key strengths.

ISE Global network Map
Ise Chemicals domestic market share: 40%,Ise Chemicals global market share: 15%