Corporate Information

Environmental activities

Our iodine, natural gas, and metallic compound products are derived from brine, ore and other precious underground resources. We are sincerely grateful for the rich natural bounty our planet has granted us, and for that very reason we energetically work to protect the environment. One of our environmental activities involves brine, which we pump in tremendous quantities to the surface from underground in order to produce iodine and natural gas. After extracting iodine and natural gas from brine, we return it to deep below the earth’s surface to prevent land subsidence.

Resource recycling

Even the earth’s great bounty is not limitless, and that includes brine and ore. With this in mind, we initiated our recycling program 30 years ago to prevent depleting and destroying these precious resources.

We at Ise Chemicals consider iodine, metallic compounds and natural gas we produce both as products and precious natural resources. For that reason, we recover iodine that our customers had used as catalysts and recycle it. Our recovery rate for iodine has grown over the years along with the increasing environmental awareness of our customers.

We acquire our nickel and cobalt by extracting and separating these metals from airplane engine scrap, heat-resistant alloys, and the like. Reusing resources unquestionably reduces waste. Ise Chemicals applies this principle by working to contribute to creating a recycling-oriented society.