Corporate Information

Message from the management

We, Ise Chemicals Corporation, were established in Ise, Mie Prefecture and started the business of extracting iodine from seaweed. Since 1950 we have changed the place of factories and the manufacturing process: we have engaged in producing iodine and natural gas from underground brine in Chiba and Miyazaki.

Underground brine was generated around 2 million years ago, when the Kujukuri Plain today was part of the seafloor, out of ancient sea water which was kept among layers with many organic sediments. Ancient sea water, which is a blessing from the ancient Earth, brings Japan one of the world’s largest iodine reserves. Even though there is a rich amount of iodine in Japan as noted, iodine is limited and scarce natural resource.

We strive to grow while paying serious attention to the environment. For example, we make a point of collecting underground brine carefully and appropriately. In addition, we are working on recovering and reusing iodine in order to make effective use of it.

In 1975, we launched, by utilizing iodine production technology, the metallic compound business which manufactures compounds such as nickel and cobalt, as a project second to iodine and natural gas. We are contributing to the development of leading-edge areas such as electronics by supplying metallic compounds and high-value added iodine derivatives.

We appreciate the Earth for its precious resources and bountiful gifts. We will redouble our efforts to remain a reliable company not only in terms of technology and quality, but also in terms of safety and security.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement for Ise Chemicals Corporation.