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Natural gas

Energy derived from and returned to nature
Natural gas is found deep beneath the earth’s surface. There are many types of natural gas, flammable and unflammable natural gas, for example. We produce methane gas.

What is natural gas?

Natural gas The natural gas we produce is methane, which we extract from soluble gas dissolved in brine. Methane is created from organic materials buried deep beneath the earth’s surface. It is made by bacterial decomposition, a process that is nearly as old as the earth’s 4.6 billion year history. Methane is safe because it is lighter than air and therefore does not linger near the ground in houses and buildings. Moreover, it can be considered an environmentally-friendly energy source because it produces less carbon dioxide emissions than petroleum and other fossil fuels when burned.

Relationship to iodine

Natural gas and iodine are very closely related. Both are produced from brine nestled within Mother Earth. Wells pump brine 500-2,000 meters underground to the surface and into a separator that removes foreign substances and impurities. It is then transferred from a compressor to pipelines to be supplied to gas companies and factories. Businesses near our natural gas plants in Chiba and Miyazaki prefectures are very much satisfied with our natural gas, which they consider “inexpensive yet high quality.”Relationship to iodine

A reliable and safe energy source

A reliable and safe energy source
From now on, the world is likely to associate energy development with such notions as “reliable”, “safe” and “clean”. If the effort to shift from nuclear energy to other forms of energy gains momentum, besides research on solar and wind power, we may see considerable research devoted to generating power from natural gas. What’s more, natural gas vehicles attracted attention after the Great East Japan Earthquake because they were unaffected by the gasoline shortage that followed it. In short, natural gas is expected to flourish in Japan as a clean energy source.