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Metallic compounds

A rapidly growing market thanks to rising demand for rechargeable battery materials
Ise Chemicals’ metallic compounds business focuses mainly on producing nickel and cobalt compounds. In the past, metallic compounds were mostly applied to electroplating, dyeing, and catalysis, but today they play a growing role in our daily lives because they are increasingly applied to such everyday devices as mobile phones, personal computers, and hybrid vehicles.

What are metallic compounds?

Metallic compounds While iodine and natural gas are extracted from brine, metallic compounds are produced from ore. Our metallic compounds business began with extracting and recovering nickel and cobalt compounds from airplane engine scraps. In recent years, nickel and cobalt compounds have been drawing interest as materials for such products as nickel hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries.


Until recently, metallic compounds were mostly used in metallic soap employed in electroplating and manufacturing synthetic resin and in pigments and glazes as a way to produce vivid colors such as “cobalt blue”. But today the demand for metallic compounds in new applications is rapidly increasing. Prominent examples of new applications include the ceramic capacitors installed in mobile phones and the lithium-ion batteries that are an essential component of personal computers and hybrid cars. Looking ahead, demand is expected to grow further along with technological advances related to smart phones and other information devices and with deepening environmental awareness and the increasing popularity of hybrid vehicles.

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process
There are various methods for manufacturing nickel and cobalt compounds. Ise Chemicals applies proprietary solvent extraction, crystallization and incineration technologies to produce high-quality compounds. Our solvent extraction technology is especially effective in extracting nickel and cobalt from airplane engine scraps and heat-resistant alloys. We also use these technologies to produce cobalt compounds for rechargeable batteries, such as cobalt monoxide, tricobalt tetraoxide and cobalt hydroxide.Meeting customer needs

Meeting customer needs

Which types of metallic compounds will we need as we go forward? – We at Ise Chemicals answer that question by talking with our customers to find out what they need and following that up with research and development to meet those needs. Communicating with our customers is the most important aspects of our business. We are proud that our dedication to customer communication has enabled us to develop and provide our customers with the materials they need for meeting rapidly increasing demand for rechargeable batteries. As a diversified manufacturer of nickel and cobalt compounds, we are always working on R&D aimed at meeting ever expanding needs of our customers.