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  • Isephor
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Sanitize your manufacturing facility with these disinfectants!
Isephor and Diasan Clean fast-acting iodine disinfectants are highly effective against general bacteria such as E-coli, typhoid bacilli, and bacillus subtilis and against mold, yeast, and influenza viruses. They retain their strong antibacterial properties in low temperature environments of 0-5 degrees centigrade, and in both hard and soft water, and have a low metal corrosion rate. They are convenient to use because you can quickly determine the concentration of a diluted solution simply by looking at the color. For these reasons, Isephor and Diasan Clean are widely used in the brewing industry, at beer breweries, wine producers and lactic acid beverage production facilities, for example. They are also used as a disinfectant at food processing plants, university and corporate research institutes and plants that manufacture pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. What’s more, Isephor uses amino acids (glycine) instead of surfactants, making it an ideal disinfectant for clean-in-place (CIP) applications, such as fermentation and alcoholic beverage tanks, because its non-foaming, low viscosity properties makes it easy to rinse with water after it is applied. Isephor is a widely applied pharmacological agent. It is used when laying tanks and pipes, for pipe immersion, as a spray for conveyor belts and other processing equipment and work room interiors, and as a hand and foot wash station disinfectant. In contrast to Isephor, Diasan Clean is a liquid pharmacological solution that uses surfactants. Its foamability makes it a highly detergent liquid pharmacological solution. Isephor and Diasan Clean were developed for use in specific applications and areas. We encourage you to consult with us about which one is most suitable for your applications.

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