Product Information

Product Information

Ise Chemicals produces and supplies iodine, metallic compounds and natural gas. In each of these areas, we consistently provide high-quality products and services.

  • Iodine

    We produce iodine derivatives required for various products, from pharmaceuticals to pesticides and chemicals.
    1. Iodine
  • Metallic compounds

    Metallic compounds
    We supply a wide array of nickel and cobalt compounds used in capacitors and lithium-ion batteries.
    1. Metallic compounds
  • Natural gas

    Natural gas
    Natural gas has captured the spotlight as a safe, reliable, and clean energy source. We supply natural gas to town and industrial users.
    1. Natural gas
  • Other areas

    Other areas
    We are a global specialty chemicals manufacturer constantly at work on R&D and recycling solutions.
    1. R&D
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