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As the first company in Japan to apply the “blowing-out” process, Ise Chemicals can successfully produce highly pure iodine in extremely large quantities. We are a leading iodine supplier whose research and development in this area has led to such products as ISEFLO, an easy to use and transport prilled iodine. Currently, our R&D focuses mostly on how to recover and reuse iodine. For example, we have a very high recovery rate of iodine form iodine derivatives used in LCD polarizers. Thus we are trying our best to preserve brine which is a precious underground resource.

Metallic compounds

Hybrid-cars, smart phones, and personal computers are an indispensable part of modern life. These modern conveniences depend on ceramic capacitors and nickel hydrogen and lithium-ion batteries, all of which contain metallic compounds. To meet the surge in demand for metallic compounds, Ise Chemicals is looking for the best sources for procuring mineral raw materials and investigating which materials best meet the demands of the market. We are also researching and developing metallic compounds which contribute more functional and compact as well as less heat generating and nonflammable batteries.